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With the Raycon movement, we are going to make sure we are one of the first ones there,' Ray J said in a statement.The Raycon partnership was set to launch later this month with products available for purchase at They spent some years in Europe and it was there that Anne contracted an illness, for which Bermuda was prescribed as a place of cure.Unfortunately for her, a cure was not to be had and she died in Bermuda.He does not appear to have remained in England long, and was likely back in Bermuda within the year.

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were constantly flitting away among the cedar groves and orange plantations of these fairy isles."1802. Death in Bermuda of John Green, born about 1780, he was a portrait painter who later became a judge.

Her headstone was restored in 1883 by her relative Edward Willing.

Anne Willing Bingham's reputation and fame yet survives, for she is supposed to have been the model for the famous Draped Bust portrait on the obverse of the American silver dollars and other United States coinage between 17.

Born in what was then the Thirteen Colonies, later part of the USA, he later migrated to Bermuda, where he died.

Nothing is known of Green's origins; he is first documented in Philadelphia in the late 1750s, when he sat for a portrait drawing by Benjamin West.

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