Updating table with values from another table

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By commenting, you are accepting the IBM commenting guidelines and the DISQUS terms of service.I have one table A has column (id, field_1,field_2), and another table B has column (id,field_2) Now I want to merge table B to A, that means i want to update field_2 in table A to value of table B. BTW I am using oracle Thanks Now, each time the above is executed, it will do it across all rows in the table.You could create a trigger on table B that updates table A every time field_2 on table B is updated.The Ask TOM team is taking a break over the holiday season. Here i am using oracle8i( and developer6i and windows2000 server. October 06, 2003 - am UTC obviously the two tables have DIFFERENT DATA???? REGISTRATION apparently has 12,871 records that match the S. It is apparent that when you join vis.registration to vistemp.registration -- 12,871 rows are "matched". there is nothing wrong here -- the computer is just doing exactly what you told it to do. HSCODELIST 2 (BIN, ACT_SL, ACT_CODE, ACT_VAL, ENTRY_DATE) 3 SELECT BIN, ACT_SL, ACT_CODE, ACT_VAL, ENTRY_DATE 4 FROM VIS. what could be the best approach to update this table. And moreover im using aggregate function like min(),max() group by p in each subquery like update upd set a = (select min(a) from a where upd.a=a.a group by a.p), b = (select (....) from b where upd.b=b.b), c = (select (........) from c where upd.c=c.c) Thanks for answering my question and we (our team) always admire your way of solving problems. October 08, 2003 - am UTC hscodelist is perhaps missing the mandatory primary/unique constraint on BIN?That gives me the all too familiar "[Macromedia][Seque Link JDBC Driver][ODBC Socket][Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Operation must use an updateable query. I might just have to query the topics, and stick an update query in the Do they ever? I think that article is how to do it in the Access desktop app, which I have no clue whatsoever how to use. Given that, we can: [email protected] select * from a 2 / ID A1 ---------- ------------------------- 1 Hello 2 World The following updates are equivalent as well - they do the same thing differently. REGISTRATION); RUN and Computer in BIG Busy mood(Hang). REGISTRATION(BIN, NAME, NAME_ALIAS, COR_GROUP, AUTHOBY, AUTHODATE, CG_NAME, ADD1, ADD2, ADD3, TEL1, FAX1, ADD5, ADD6, ADD7, TEL2, FAX2, ADD9, ADD10, ADD11, TEL3, FAX3, TP_TYPE, TRD_LINC, TRD_FY, TRD_AUTH, IMP_REG, EXP_REG, REG_TYPE, TIN, STATUS, PRE_BIN, DATREG, STAT_CHNG, ACT_CODE, ACT_MULT, ITEM_TYPE, OLD_ACT, APP_CAT, LCODE, ISSUE_DATE, VREG, M_POSI, MFUNC, SFUNC, LAST_USER, LAST_ACCS, TREG, PAY_FREQ, CREG, EREG, OREG, OP_BAL, OP_BAL_DT)select BIN, NAME, NAME_ALIAS,---- from VIS. In update portion i am facing another problem by ur recomended code. INSERT into abc values (RTRIM(col1), RTRIM(col2) .) There is another option where I can use SELECT RTRIM(col1), RTRIM(col2) from xxx where RTRIM(col1) = ‘yyy’ and then directly use insert into target table without RTRIM.

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I put a primary key on B(id) because if there is NO SUCH constraint -- the update is totally ambigous -- if there is more then 1 value of B1 in B for a given ID -- we cannot tell what row in B should be used to update the row in A. REGISTRATION where BIN NOT IN (select BIN from VIS. Its working very nicely.i will greateful to u forever.i was suffering by this problem for a long i am using the following / insert into VISTEMP. i could envision problems with only a second of granularity on a clock -- you could miss a record or two due to that. d) I don't program forms -- you can try otn.- Thank u very much for ur nice reply. I plan to use RTRIM function in the WHERE clause to get specific set records and then after fetching, I’ll insert with a RTRIM on each column.2) in this way, if I want join 2table and some columns in table #2 does not exist in table #1 I got any error?for example if I have color column in table #2 and its not exist on table #1, join process got error or just join columns exist in 2tables?If this is something you need to do all the time, I would suggest something else, but for a one-off or very small tables it should be [email protected]_horse_with_no_name: Oracle does not directly support the JOIN keyword in an UPDATE, but it allows UPDATE involving JOIN operations between table in at least 2 different ways, look at the accepted answer here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2446764/…

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