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But now — when I read articles about the spreadsheets college women keep about their sexual activities, or when I watch how the Christian men I know struggle to avoid the parade of barely dressed women before them at a mall or restaurant, or when I have to turn over all ten women’s magazines at the grocery checkout because my nieces can now read their soft-porn headlines — I find I am more than shocked; I am deeply grieved.Indeed, in all the promises made to us about our ability to achieve freedom and independence as women, the promise of sexual emancipation may have been the most illusory.One is the current pop icon, surgically augmented with a low fabric-to-flesh wardrobe ratio, usually sporting a vulgar phrase on her bust or bum, and unabashed in her sexual aggressiveness.The other is the forlorn result of the pursuit of sexual freedom — the confused waif whose self-centered ruminations are the fodder for the fictional characters on television (Ally Mc Beal) or in movies and literature (Bridget Jones).On the weekends, you fellowship with families in your church, where marriage and family are generally held in high regard. After awhile you may start to think it’s true; maybe you’re really normal. And that’s the order of information that’s most important about you.

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It’s as though parents who work as journalists are just now discovering what their children are actually doing in our sex-saturated culture.

It’s the same with a number of my friends who knew me as an unbeliever.

The seriousness of my conversion was quickly established when they discovered now I actually was going to wait until marriage.

M., and after riding for an hour, everyone was wide-awake and engaging in small talk. I left that class burdened to pray for my instructor, her son, and his female “stalker.” For days I kept thinking about what I’d heard — especially the reactions of these parents, women who were probably proponents of and participants in the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s.

“I’m scared to death of the teenage girls these days,” the instructor announced as she wiped down her bike. Now, only one generation later, they are dismayed by the effects of that “revolution.” Pollster and analyst Daniel Yankelovich has been studying American values for more than 50 years.

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