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The Crown Prince's ability to rule unchallenged depends on whether the purge is successful.The Crown Prince believes that unless the country changes, the economy will sink into a crisis that could fan unrest.The "corruption stick" Prince Mohammed decided to move on his family, the person familiar with events said, when he realized more relatives opposed him becoming king than he had thought."The signal was that anyone wavering in their support should watch out," said the person familiar with the events.All fields should be entered or the form will be rejected in any field is left blank. Enter Dependents Details On the same page, you need to enter the details of dependents (wife / kids) as follows: Name : Should be as per passport.If the name is only two words in the passport, then put “-” (dash) in the blank spaces as the system will not accept empty boxes.

Login to Abshir Account on MOI website Abshir is the main portal for all government related transactions like exit re-entry for dependents, online govt. If you do not have Abshir account, see How to create Abshir account 3. It gives error even for some “approved profession”. As the new system is being developed, it may take some time for things to become smooth. Enter your details Enter the detail about yourself – Your salary, education level and date of receiving certificate and main subject of study.

Others were arrested at their homes and flown to Riyadh or driven to the Ritz Carlton, which has been turned into a temporary prison.

The detainees were allowed a single, brief phone call home, a person familiar with the arrests told Reuters.

According to senior officials, a total of 11 princes, four ministers and several senior officials have been detained.

Here’s a look at some of the prominent arrests and where they figure in the family tree.

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