Ps3 information board not updating

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Was advised to turn off and unplug and also unplug aerial cable then leave for 5 minutes before turning back on and to do a full factory reset then then turn off and reconnect the aerial and turn on and rescan the TV channels. Followed a Sony help page online that said to turn the tv off at the power point, complete a factory reset, and I've had no problems since. I find it incredible that someone else had the same problem today. After about 20 minutes and trying a few things/reading a few things, I tried to do a factory reset as detailed above and it came good.Sony believe its a broadcaster problem that's causing this issue. Having the same issue with all 3 Sony Tv's in my house. Not sure if I actually accomplished the factory reset or if it was just a coincidence. An addition to my earlier post, a factory reset will wipe all picture settings, so if you have had it calibrated or wish to retain the settings you chose, write them down first or take pictures of the relevant screens.It also freezes / restarts if I scroll to channel 99 if I'm already in the guide. but mine seems fine, i was even watching a little bit of ch 9 last night but had no issues at all [hx850].edit: didn't use the guide but couple other posters weren't either?I may just have a dodgy tv in other respects :( SUBJECT: 8 Blink Error Code SYMPTOM: 1. 008 error code not in the service SELF CHECK list 3. Every time 3 errors are registered in the SELF CHECK screen the TV will shut down and activate an 8x blink pattern on the Red Standby LED. Before calling customer support, please try to restore the TV operation by following the steps below: This resetting procedure worked fine for me.103 error code registers 8 blink error is in SELF CHECK list CAUSE:: 8 blink could be caused by one of the following issues: 1. SOLUTION: To Troubleshoot perform the following steps in the order shown: 1. Strange and funny, cos the separate Panasonic hdd was working fine the whole time and it happened during the final of the Voice.I reported it to Sony via their Facebook page and they are aware of the issue."Thanks for your post: We are aware that some people have experienced a temporary software issue with KDL-EX650, KDL-HX750 and KDL-HX850 model BRAVIA TVs which causes the TV to shut down.

Thank god, I didn't have to watch crap tv tonight, and got my wife to watch a movie on htpc instead. It's like the local dimming isn't able to keep up with subtle changes in the colors like when a cloud comes along. Look in TV’s service SELF CHECK for error code history and notice at the bottom of the list WDT (Watch Dog Timer) error codes, in particular notice 103 HOST_WDT. I had the same issue today – not sure how it happened, but the tv would shut down itself after a few minutes (remote was mostly non responsive) and the red light would keep blinking when the tv is off. https://com/ap If there is a red LED that blinks On and Off and the TV is not operating properly, this indicates that there may be an issue with the TV.Never used the guide feature, so I'd need to be convinced that is the issue.Sounds more like a firmware/software issue that Sony needs to accept is their issue, not someone else's.Having the TV crash like this reaks of shoddy error handling.Just hope the restarting and freezing issues from last night's shinangians hasn't 'damaged' the TV in any way, the thing is barely 5 months old!

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