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Fully customisable, with swappable thumbsticks and D-pads - including a new, faceted D-pad for greater control - it can be tweaked and reconfigured to suit any gamer.

Meanwhile, being able to switch from paddles to hair triggers means the pad can also be adapted to suit any game, from racers to shooters and almost everything in-between.

Help reduce the clutter with this excellent stocking-filler - a simple, adhesive hook that sticks to the bottom of a desk and provides the perfect hanger for a pair or two of headphones. Streaming has never been so popular, and the streamers that rise above the tide are those who stream in the best quality.

That’s why any PC gamer in your life will be delighted with this very snazzy t-shirt.There was a time when a PC gamer would rather play on a Mac than use a wireless mouse, but these days the tech is so good there’s no practical loss in accuracy or speed incurred by going wireless.The Sensei is one of the best performers around, thanks in no small part to the charging pad that doubles as the mouse’s wireless receiver. Plus, it's not like we have a shortage of PC games right now - let's see what PC gaming we recommend over the new few days... Destiny 2 came out on console this week and we have to wait until October until we can even think about playing it on PC. But don't worry, while we can't recommend that you spend the whole weekend playing Bungie's latest, we do have plenty of things to get you prepped for when the moon wizards do arrive on our platform of choice.

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