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To continue to date without this emotional cycle was difficult but essential.Here is how I stopped the painful experience of getting my self-worth tied up in my dating experiences.

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“I am flawed.” “If I spill my guts to someone else, they will run.” “I can’t be vulnerable.” “I’m not enough.” “I’m going to die alone.” “If I commit I will be trapped.” And on and on. When you hear yourself repeating any of these negative statements, say, “stop” and replace the thought with a positive affirmation.

If you aren’t right for someone else, they aren’t right for you.

Each time someone isn’t right for you and shows you that, honor their decision even if you feel differently. Do not use the experience as proof that you aren’t good enough.

To stop feeling terrible and get off this emotional roller coaster for good, I realized I had a choice.

I could either continue to view my dating experiences as abysmal failures that reflected poorly upon my self-worth and keep letting my self-esteem circle the drain.

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