Okc dating persona

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Karen was in her mid-30s, working for an IP firm in Manhattan. Either the guy was intimidated by her, wasn’t interested in anything “serious,” or would string her along if he thought it would help him get into her pants…and while Karen wasn’t against banging out with a hot guy on occasion, she wasn’t looking for casual sex anymore. Online dating didn’t help – the only men interested in her were looking for fuckbuddies – and one more night in the bar-scene was going to drive her insane.Dallas, for example, was shaped by the mid-century oil boom and has a radically different culture and dominant personality type than the keep-it-weird folks who drift to Austin where the major industries are music, film production and computer technology.Savannah – with SCAD influencing its local culture – attracts an entirely different crowd than Athens and Macon.but those people also tend to be less likely to be interested in settling down.Smaller towns tend to attract people who are more interested in raising a family.Furthermore, age ultimately has no bearing on the validity of one’s relationship, nor does it indicate some fundamental flaw for having waited for so long .Finding love for the first time in your 50s or 60s isn’t any more or less valid than in your teens or 20s; in fact, it can be all the sweeter for finding it after having looked for so long.

Different regions have entirely different dating “markets”, for lack of a better term.Sometimes the most frustrating thing in the world is to feel absolutely powerless.A couple of years ago, in the early days of the blog, I would do some personal coaching – mostly for friends, occasionally for the odd client or two.Gay men and women are more likely to find partners in San Francisco, Seattle or Boston – where the LGBT population makes up to 15% of the total – than they are in Little Rock or Amarillo.You’re going to find more single people in San Antonio than you are in Provo, Utah.

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