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The home belonged to Rabbi Zalmon Zvulunov of the Bukharian Jewish Center, who said he believed the culprit was targeting people in his community.

“No one else but Bukharian houses are being [targeted],” Zvulunov said, referring to the Jewish population that largely comes from Central Asia and traditionally speaks Bukhori.

But when cops cracked the code, it named an innocent person.

The homes torched in the arson spree belong to Bukharian Jews, community leaders said.

Bukharian dating is arranged with the approval of the families to avoid any appearance of improper behavior on the part of either one in the couple.

For Failed Architecture’s category of “worst architecture,” then, I choose to nominate a whole class of problematic buildings rather than a single infamous building.

All the conventional virtues of the Elizabethan home Muthesius celebrated a century before in his study of Das englische Haus are thus flouted, shattering any prior sense of proportion or typological uniformity.

Rather than sturdy half-timbered façades and steeply pitched roofs, pale pink marble slabs made from imported Jerusalem Stone surrounded by tacky chromed-out fences and shiny metal gates. Just paved lots, devoid of greenery, onto which they stack storey after storey in order to maximize occupancy over limited square footage.

Of course, the rationale for this obsessive overuse of available land is rooted in a thoroughly reactionary ideology.

Bukharians build mini-fortresses to house their enormous families, themselves a necessary consequence of the Biblical imperative to “Be fruitful, and multiply” (Genesis ).

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