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One aviation airport believes the crew members and pilots made several errors after the crash, including that they should have checked that passengers were safe, even after they hit the ground.'To me it was a terrible error, they should have started the evacuation as soon as the plane came to a stop,' airline safety consultant Captain Dick Deeds told KPIX.'Your job as a flight crew member is the safety of your passengers.'And if you have to evacuate, obviously you knew you had a crash, you start the evacuation, you get those people off.' Federal safety investigators blamed the pilots for the crash, saying they bungled the landing approach by inadvertently deactivating the plane's key control for airspeed, among other errors.This guy had gone through a lot and everybody was a little bit dazed.' The NTSB released part of the footage five months after the July 6, 2013, crash.Hundreds of passengers, some pulling luggage, can be seen milling about on the tarmac as emergency trucks pull up and several firefighters and police scurry up the chutes into the burning plane to rescue five trapped and injured passengers.

The footage of what happened in the next few minutes after it crashed has never been seen before as it shows the utter chaos on the tarmac.

Three teenage girls died and 187 others were injured during the incident.

Two of the fatalities were sitting in the tail section of the plane, which snapped off when it hit the seawall, officials said previously.

Pay TV channels were more free to do what they wanted than free-to-air networks.

This sampling below is only a continuation of what came in the two years before, and after: Writer/director Jill Soloway's comedy-drama (her debut feature) provided "the cure for the common marriage" - the film's tagline, regarding the sexual awakening ("afternoon delight") of the female protagonist.

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