Is ray william johnson dating anna

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But take into consideration that even though I'm not a huge ant man fan, I love heist movies and comedies and this is both and it does both well.

In December 2013, he announced that he will be leaving ‘ The Equals Three’ and, will be joining his other projects, mainly his You Tube channel ‘Ray William Johnson’.

Also fans of =3 (the You Tube show) will notice the reporter at the end is played by Anna Akana Ray William Johnson's girlfriend. In all aspects it was great especially the small nods to other films and characters and cameos in the beginning middle and end and that one scene after the plane scene was my favorite in the film. 10/10 needs a sequal and I need to go buy some ant man merch and watch the movie about 50 more times.

Ray William Johnson is currently unmarried and is single for some years.

His second channel, where he uploads weekly vlogs, and his third channel, where he makes shitty animated music videos, that only spastics enjoy and fuck faces delight.

Ray is constantly making insults about himself due to his low self-esteem for being under 5 foot.

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