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I've had my eye on this myself." I could tell she was starting to breath heavy and her mouth was dry as she turned to me and said, "Come on, I'll help you try it on." I could clearly see that her heart was beating faster as she gazed at me again. As I stepped out of my dress, she held my hand to help balance me.

Then she saw my pantyhose with the crotch out and said. " As she just stared at my shaved pussy for a moment before looking up to meet my gaze.

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She picked a dress off the rack and said, "Isn't this beautiful. She hung the dress on a hook behind me, and said "Here, let me help you with that," as she unzipped my dress.At the mall I stopped at a café and ordered a cup of coffee and a Danish.As I sat drinking my coffee, I crossed my leg and let my shoe dangle from my toes.I bent my knees and rubbed the sides of his face with my stocking feet as he ate me."Honey, I would really like that thing in me now." I pleaded. Since it was Saturday, I told Sean I had to go to the mall and do some shopping.

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