Ferr chan sex 18

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Chan Chun Hong pleaded guilty on Friday to seven counts of transmitting obscene materials by electronic means, one count of making travel plans, three counts of distributing information to promote commercial sex, and one of having obscene films.

-- ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW SINGAPORE - A 31-year-old man facing more than 100 charges has become the first to be convicted of organising a commercial sex tour overseas and distributing information intended to promote paid sex with a minor outside Singapore.

From Nov 24, 2013, police used a decoy moniker "Teo Dennis" to investigate possible offences against Chan for commercial sex with minors outside Singapore.

Unfortunately for the party, officials are giving plenty of ammunition to China’s Internet users, who are quick to paint them as callous and out of touch with the people.

On Tuesday, the official Xinhua News Agency said Fang Daguo, a military official from the southern city of Guangzhou, had been suspended after he and his wife, both smelling of alcohol, had an altercation with flight attendant Zhou Yumeng over the couple’s carry-on luggage.

The flight attendant published photos of her bruised arms and torn uniform on the Twitter-like microblog Sina Weibo, sparking a storm of angry comments.

If they think they can suppress it, they are going to try.

But Internet users increasingly won’t tolerate this,” he said.

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