Double your dating mastery series

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However, as always with these types of tips and suggested examples, I do often stop and wonder: that’s all very well, but can you imagine if every other guy actually started using them?

Thousands of guys suddenly using the same examples over and over again…talk about overkill in a hurry!

(And I’m reminded of Hull being used as a punchline in an episode of the iconic 80s comedy series , but I digress…).

I have no issue at all with Valance being a Brit, of course, but it’s odd how he never seems to fully acknowledge it.

The explosive growth of internet dating and hook-ups is touted heavily in ‘Online Dating Mastery,’ as are the convenience and sheer scale of online dating in this day and age.

And that’s not to mention how relatively ‘cheaper’ it is to ‘date’ online, when compared to the copious buying of drinks for girls at bars, only to come away empty-handed. The how-to on writing a “killer profile” is not especially earth-shattering.

Each of them is offered in both PDF and MP3 formats. ‘How to Avoid the Dreaded ‘Friend Zone” tells is what all guys know already – it’s a no-no.

‘Destroy Your Fear of Approaching Women in 30 Seconds Flat! What’s offered is bland, usual advice, whilst ‘How To Be More ‘Bad Boy’ ‘Less Nice Guy’ [sic] not only has abysmal punctuation in its title but very little to say of any meaning.

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That is actually quite astounding, especially when one considers what a tawdry, yucky reputation that loon known as ‘online dating’ used to have.

It’s comprised of a principal PDF of the same name which goes into some detail about how to date online – from picking a handle to using the correct photos to how to text the girl, and so forth. There are also four bonus PDFs also freely available, ranging from on how to approach a women even if you’re nervous as hell, never mind get rejected, as well as how to get out of the dreaded ‘friend zone’, etc.

Strangely, none of these appear to be directly linked to online dating, which seems to contradict the very title of this course. Second, and just as important, is does the course accomplish what it sets out to do, i.e. This Online Dating Mastery review will need to answer those two questions – after all, mastery itself is being promised.

To be honest, a 61-page PDF simply on how to create a profile, write a profile, use appropriate profile pics and then text/sext a girl to go on a date seems very slim pickings as the main module for an entire course.

Yes, Valance does remain on topic by having such a focused approach – but it still comes across feeling very reedy indeed.

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