Dating nothing in common

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There are other differences between these two but they are happily married and have a strong relationship and what keeps the glue together in their relationship is the fact that they know that they don’t have to do everything together.

I am rather passionate about this matter because it smacks of gang mentality when two people are told that they shouldn’t be together because they don’t have much in common. Many a relationship has ended because a friend has offered bad advice based on superficial assumptions such as, “you like music festivals, he doesn’t, therefore, you can’t be together” Even as I type it and read over the words it seems very irresponsible.

Having a partner with different interests helps us break out of our geeky comfort zone, and gets us to do things we’d normally never even consider. In fact, henceforth I’ll gladly rent bikes anytime we’re visiting a new city and the weather’s good. When she’s not around, it helps you realize just how groovy things are when you’re together.

For instance, I’m super lazy, and would never rent a bike when I can just take a cab (what am I, some kind of peasant? But while visiting Chicago, my girlfriend convinced me to rent some bikes and cycle down the boardwalk on our way to the dinosaur museam. In fact, there are some weeks where my girlfriend and I barely see each other due to differing work schedules.

When that happens, I actually start to miss her, even though I live with her.

On the flipside, it also helps you realize when things aren’t working out: if you’d rather play videogames with your friends every day instead of hang out with your girlfriend, maybe you two shouldn’t be dating.

We spend the afternoon trash talking, farting, eating junk food, and talking about women. When my girlfriend and I first met, we quickly realized we didn’t have many common interests.

I go to the gym regularly and have met some women in the gym who like working out as much as I do but there’s no way I’d consider a relationship with them solely based on the fact that we both like to sweat profusely for 5 days a week.

If you spend all your free time with your partner, what do you talk about? As geeks, we often tend to get stuck in our geeky hobbies to the point where we ignore everything else.

How many of us skip work and ignore friends’ phone calls when we get our hands on the latest kickass game *cough* Dark Souls III *cough*?

I think shared values are far more important than shared hobbies.

Just because somebody likes the same type of music, movies, books, activities or food as you does not mean that you will live happily ever after.

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