Anderson cooper dating erica hill

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“Present the facts to people and also bring them compelling stories they can either relate to or emphasis with in some way,” she explained.The new daytime lineup features a unique triangle of locations, with Hill in New York, Pereira in Los Angeles and Robin Meade in Atlanta.He came across as someone I would love to work for,” Hill told The Wrap.She said it’s “different now that Jeff is in charge” but the overall values of HLN remain the same.Family comes first for Hill, but her familiarity with Jautz combined with an afternoon timeslot was enough to convince the veteran broadcaster that she had time for both work family. CNN talent such as Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter have already crossed over to appear on her show.“Ken said to me, ‘It’s really important, Erica, that you make sure you have a life outside of work,'” Hill said. They need their mom and dad around.” Hill explained that the world has changed a lot since her first stint at HLN, so it’s reassuring to start a new gig and feel at home. “CNN is always going to have a really special place in my heart,” Hill said.

“I can’t remember what she said, but she started poking fun at me. The morning show has been a problem child for CBS since before Hill or Wragge was born.Erica Hill returned to the new-look HLN this week after leaving the network in 2012.She made stops at both NBC and CBS News, but she’s back and says, “It really does feel like coming home.” “I was very proud to say that I worked at CNN and it wasn’t an easy decision to leave, I don’t regret it.“I’ve heard wonderful things about him, both from my colleagues here and when I was at NBC.In my first meeting with Jeff I got a really good feeling from him.

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