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The club will provide hot dogs, ham- burgers, drinks— persons going should provide their own trans- portation, dishes, and eating utensils, and one thing to share (example— salad, dessert, potato salad or chips). Doug worked at the Naval Engineering Experiment Station at Annapolis; Bob studied deep ocean currents with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Massachusetts; Dave worked in the Chemistry Laboratory at Bucknell University, and Jane served at the Argone National Laboratory in Illinois ... Four SU chemistry majors served as research assis- tants for the project: William Laswell, Janice Reitz, Richard Sweger and Nancy Yeager . Now's the time to join THE CRUSADER come to an organizational meet- ing, Tuesday, 7 pm, at our of- fice in the basement of the Campus Center. • • • • « Thanks to the Orientation Committee— for a successful weekend full of hard work. ***** the IES in London and Catherine Hartman at the IES in Paris; Barb Voelker served a summer internship in marketing with the Emil Lux Company in Wermelskirchen, near Cologne, Germany; and Pat Polaneczky is serving an internship in management which began this summer and continues this fall with the Borg-Wagner Company in Heidelberg, Germany. Seven members of the SU faculty and ad- ministration are being honored this year for a decade of service to the University. The completion date has been set for Thanksgiving of this year.

This fall, Deborah Hovanec and Jeanne Mc Carthy will be in Paris; Jeanne Mc Donnel will be in Madrid, Spain; and Eric Bar- tholomew wi H be in Brussels, Belgium . The new labs will house the animal learning lab now located at 530 University Avenue and the physiological psychology lab now located at 307 University Avenue.

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For the sophomores, back for the second year, you will feel comfortable and like you know what it's all about. Know that all of us on the Student Life Staff are here and ready to be helpful in any way possible.

Composer & Church Official 5 i I m To Be Honored Norman Dello Joio, American composer and retired dean of the School of the Arts of Boston University, will be conferred with the Doctor of Music, and the Rev. Wedemeyer, assistant to the bishop for mission and planning with the Central Pennsylvania Synod of the Lutheran Church in America, the Doctor of Divinity degree. Mellon Lounge One score and minus 7 years ago, when the Campus Center was erected, an account was established by the Federal Loan program to collect funds for re- furbishing the CC.

The Convocation ceremony, officially beginning the univer- sity's 123rd academic year, is scheduled for 7 p.m. Born in New York City, Dello Joio is descended from three Is a Liberal Arts Education Necessary? In 13 years, a tidy sum has been built up, of money that cannot be used for anything but redecoration.

The moving of the labs will take place during the break between terms 1 and 2.

The psychology department is pleased with the progress that has been achieved thus far and is hopeful that the labs will be finished on schedule. It is hoped that from the group interviewed one can- didate will be selected to return to campus for a three-day visit, a visit which will include preach- ing at the Sunday morning chapel service and discussion with various campus groups.

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